MBA prepares the managers of tomorrow who will lead the industry or business houses on their own and will attain great heights in the Indian as well as global business arena. Depending on the area of specialization the students will have an exposure related to their respective field. For example, Finance area includes Banking, Insurance, Stock Markets, Mutual Funds etc., Marketing relates to various constituents of marketing right from market research to branding, advertising, sales and after sales services. In view of the vital role of the Human Resource Management in the overall management of a business, the course curriculum has been designed by keeping in mind the exposure that the students need to have in the sphere of recruitment & Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Motivation, Wages and Salary Administration, Industrial Repartition, Strategic HRM, Leadership Studies etc. of employees.
*A student pursuing MBA or MHTA course who has successfully completed the first year of the course but discontinues in the Second Year of the course shall be awarded Advanced Diploma Certificate in Management or Advanced Diploma Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Administration, as the case may be. Such a student shall be entitled for lateral entry in the Second Year of the said relevant course in Management and shall be admitted to the Master Degree in the said course provided that such a student seeks readmission in the Second Year of the course as per the norms of the University and completes the Course within the prescribed period of 5 Years. 


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